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Wedding Limousine Services Tenerife

Wedding is a special occasion and hiring a wedding Limo makes it all the more special. The vehicle is designed to offer the bride the finest treatment on her wedding day and this makes the event memorable for the lifetime. Wedding cars give a touch of elegance as they are synonymous with wealth, style and glamour. Dressed up in the wedding gown for the momentous occasion and stepping out of a chauffeur driven wedding Limo can be the most exciting moment for a bride and groom. It no doubt leaves an indelible mark on their heart.

Wedding Limousine Services

Make your wedding occasion special

Tenerife limousine-service offers exclusive Limousine services Tenerife and we ensure that all our special clients chauffeuring needs are satisfied. Our reliable and comfortable transportation in luxurious cars are available at affordable rates and hiring our services gets you everything. Our courteous and experienced chauffeur will arrive at the required destination to escort you to your wedding venue and after the ceremony concludes the bride and groom are escorted back home or to any other venue where they wish to spend the night.

Avail affordable and reliable limo services with us

Our exclusive limo fleet consists of various traditional as well as latest featured vehicles and all of them are meticulously maintained to meet the highest standards. All our vehicles are well suited for your private and special occasion’s needs. We decorate the limos to make it look as special as the couple and all these services include no hidden or extra charges. The vehicle can accommodate many people comfortably. All you have to do is to specify your request and limo models for smooth and better service. Our wedding limo services are the finest services offered in Tenerife and we also offer extra package that includes interior and exterior decorations, a floor carpet, flowers, ringing bells, champagne bottles etc.

Our prime target is to make your wedding a perfect occasion that shows your style and elegance. We are professionals in this field and offer the most pleasurable and memorable wedding experience possible.


Shuttle to Tenerife


To save money on taxis, what else can be better for you than traveling in airport shuttle to Tenerife Airport? You can have one from International Unlimited Transportation. For that, just dial 916-662-6661/640-3332. Every day, the place where you will land is packed with a lot of passengers and there are hardly any empty taxis nearby. Its terminal reaches at the peak from morning till late night. Despite all this, you can get such a comfortable transportation which is cheap at the price, especially from International Unlimited Transportation. Moreover, it connects you to the following places and can hold maximum of 25. Furthermore, your conveyance does not detour, thus makes your transportation fast. You can also back and forth from the airport to hotels, restaurants, homes, etc.

• Carmichael
• Lincoln
• Citrus Height
• Fair Oaks
• Antelope
• Elk Grove
• Roseville
• Folsom
• EL Dorado Hill
• Auburn and to other places

The conveyance is spacious and has licensed chauffeur who takes your great care, usually in terms of time. It picks you up as well as it drops you off. It has also room for your luggage. We have years of experience and from the above places, you can go by shuttle to Tenerife at best.

Limos in Tenerife


It is better to call the limo service in Tenerife by the International Unlimited Transportation; in order to get stress free, quality service for your transportation. Hiring a limo can be a life savior especially in business affairs. For example, the meeting has been timed, and you do not want to lag behind time, or there might be a matter of urgency to you, or you are on side road signaling the driver of a taxi to stop unfortunately; you are unable to get vacant taxi. With you is a business partner who wants to discuss his or her business plans in the privacy of a taxi, but you find it impossible to talk at the back of a driver. You and your business partner face the very same in the airport shuttle. To some of you, waiting is a psychological torture while the limousines are solution to it. Everybody wants to travel in comfort and wants to have right to privacy. And he or she prefers cheap and cheerful transportation. International Unlimited Transportation is the vehicle for to attain all these, and you can even add services.

What would you do, for instance, if you want quality conveyance, including certified team of professionals? Just dial 916-662-6661/640-3332. Limos in Tenerife are running in the streets from one place to another for the sake of your convenience, and International Unlimited Transportation is at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You just have to walk out of the door in order to reach us while we help you reach in the door way through us. Furthermore, the company welcomes each individual as well as a group of people who wants to hire the conveyance for birthday, weddings, graduations, proms, anniversaries, etc. The company is dedicated to providing excellent customers’ service and has succeeded in meeting their expectations because it abides by all the standards of Limousine Company, including insurance and maintenance.
We have a good experience of giving you only the best and you can only get a sense of oneness with this company—International Unlimited Transportation. Our staffs have basic understanding of hospitality; therefore, they love to assist you, lend their hands, and your chauffeur is an aid to your journey. The company is concern with quality customer service, that’s why it likes being at the service of all the people who want the finest service; furthermore, it likes to be the county’s top limousine company corresponding to the limos in Tenerife.